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Fairly Big Farm - Horse boarding, riding lessons, horses for sale at Goodwood, ON, Canada  

Why Choose Fairly Big Farm (FBF)



We asked our boarders to help us with a list of the little and big reasons why they chose to board their horses at FBF.

  1. Fabulous turn out. Our paddocks are large and moderately hilly. Even the most sedentary horses will get exercise throughout the day as they move between hay feeders, water troughs and shelter.

  2. Free Choice Small Bale Hay.  We feed our horses using small bales of hay that we place in multiple low level hay feeders throughout the paddocks.  Our hay comes from one supplier that we have used for years, thus ensuring the same high quality hay throughout the entire year.  Though small bales are costlier than the round bales, we avoid respiratory issues and tragic injuries that are frequent with the use of the metal large bale feeders.

  3. Terri Care.  This is a term that our boarders use when speaking about the high level of care that Terri provides to all the horses.  Terri cares for all horses as if they were her very own.

  4. Hacking, Hacking and more Hacking.  We are blessed with an abundance of trails and open spaces on and off our property.  Minutes from FBF, along an unpaved road, you enter the Oak Ridges Trail System with miles of hacking in a pristine and natural environment.  We have many boarders who love to go for a leisurely hack after a workout. Others live to hack, venturing out a few times a day.  

  5. Paved Road Access.  Our property runs adjacent to a paved and unpaved road.  Our boarders access the property through wrought iron gates off the paved road.  Maybe a little thing, but your vehicle won't look like you have been off roading after coming to FBF. In the winter Webb Rd is one of the first roads to be sanded and plowed.

  6. Family Farm.  We are not a high throughput, money oriented operation.  We share our wonderful property with others because we enjoy horses, dogs and people.  You will feel the FBF difference when you visit our farm.  To many it feels like they are coming home.  

  7. Developing Your Skills.  Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, have a coach or need a coach, FBF will provide you with the environment to reach your goals.  

  8. Schooling Your Horse.  We have a number of boarders that have us school their horse when they need that extra support.  

  9. Renovated Tack Room. Our new Tack room is roomy, well lit and secure.  It's heated and has a small kitchen and rest area.  Outside there are picnic tables, shade trees and much much more for you to take in and enjoy.

  10. FBF Maple Syrup. A sure sign of spring finds our maple syrup pot boiling away.  We produce maple syrup for enjoyment and as a special treat for our friends.  We are always appreciative of volunteers, so if you would like to experience circa 1900 maple syrup production give us a call. 

We have listed a few of the reasons why our boarders love it at Fairly Big Farm.  We invite you to visit us and discover for yourself what FBF is all about.  Whether you wish to inspect our facilities, talk to our boarders or walk the lands, you are welcome to spend some time at FBF to discover if we are the right people with whom to trust your equine friend. 


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